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Top Trending Kitchen Layouts in Brunei

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

The Kitchen is the heart of your home. To choose a kitchen design that suits you best are difficult. We have to take measure of the efficiency flow, the aesthetic and the functionality working in the kitchen area. Basically, we want the work triangle to run smoothly to our convenience desire for our ease of cooking and entertaining. This is the area that defined the location of cook top, refrigerator and sink.

In this post, we will help you to ensure smooth operation deciding which layout best to go with. Check out our guide below to learn about some of the most popular types of kitchen layouts.

6 Popular Kitchen Floor Plans

1. Single Line (One wall)

This type of layout are mostly found in smaller family with limited space house size or perhaps if you intend to save more space instead, this layout would be the best choice. It takes one part of the wall yet still offers efficient workstation due to the close proximity of counter tops, sink and cabinets. Commonly, the fridge will get on the end part while the sink are located in the middle to create a large work triangle. And perhaps if you wish to have a lot of cabinets, avoid locating the kitchen along the wall with windows.

So, what are the benefits of this kitchen layout? It is inexpensive since you save plenty of walls space usage, there will be fewer storage cabinets installation, less walking since most kitchen appliances are kept within few feet and very few to clean. This is the most uncomplicated and simple layout available. For those of you that love minimalist, rejoice! Less is more.

Plan Layout
Sample floor plan for One Wall

2. The Galley (Parallel Kitchen)

This kitchen works for both side which is very convenient and compact. Usually found in small apartment dwellers with narrow floor space and it is also will be good with medium size home. Although there won't be any corner cabinets, its for sure produce delightful multiple-cooking experience and quite efficient as you can move from one work center to another if needed. With effective space management, having storage cabinets on both side gives you plenty of spaces on counter tops. Whilst boosting the maximum productive workstation.

Take consideration adding some artificial lightning since this kind of kitchen tends not to have windows, you probably don't want a gloomy atmosphere kitchen. Frankly, ceilings lights isn't enough.

Plan Layout
Sample floor plan for The Galley

3. The L-Shape

Behold, the popular common layouts on most modern house. The L-Shaped is a versatile layout with two adjacent walls cabinets (two perpendicular walls). Typically, one side is shorter than the other. So the other counter is oriented to more busy and intense workstation. Why is it still trending until today? Because this type of layout emphasize on spaciousness giving you easy access moving freely and about which is quite beneficial to entertain guests while cooking.

However, It is common that the corner area isn't utilized properly making it the dead zone. Most people would actually install open shelves on it since it'll be much easier to reach or perhaps a place where you hang kitchen utensils. If, you're comfortable with uninterrupted work flow this kitchen suits you best.

Plan Layout
Sample floor plan for The L-Shape

4. The U-Shape

The U shaped kitchen are versatile and is the most staple and Ideal modern layout that create balance offering continuous counter tops and three full wall maximum storage cabinets enough to divide multiple workstations, increasing the productivity and unbroken workflow. Even if you have small floor space, you still can utilize the storage cabinets and counter tops to its full potential.

Having spacious floor plan would be advantageous for this layout, why not consider adding auxiliary island? As it provide additional storage and counter tops. It'll give you more place to prepare meals, setting physical boundaries yet allowing guests to socialize. Best choices for people person.

Plan Layout
Sample floor plan for The U-Shape

5. Peninsula Kitchen (G-Shape)

The peninsula Kitchen is an elegant distinguished kitchen, Similar to U-shape but with extra counter top creating an atmosphere of bars or a pub. This layout is suitable for narrow space area to replace Island type of kitchen. The counter top is like island but connected or attached to the wall end thus giving more cabinets and counter space. Common layout would be two wall spaces and one exposed, which means an open plan concept can be implemented.

However, if you have a larger room, selecting this type of layout would not be recommended. Why? The kitchen will appear rather small and there's only one way in and one way out. Basically, it's a dead end. It feels restrained making it less efficient. Often people would find the peninsula a hindrance and eventually remodel into island layout instead.

Plan Layout
Sample floor plan for The G-Shape

6. Island Kitchen

The Island Kitchen is one of the most popular choice amongst professional chefs, suitable for large room as it provide spacious work surface and stable traffic control. Moreover, It can be accessed from all sides and you can incorporate it with any unique design. It doesn't have to be the traditional square or rectangle although it may deem to be most fit and functional design, you can be creative with it.

Advantages of having the Island kitchen are getting extra counter space and more seating for several people to hang out while enjoying family meals together. Besides, it's a great place to install prominent decorative ceiling lighting. But, you might need to take extra careful consideration with the island size. Depending on how large or too small the size is and how many seating you want it to have, it may disrupt the workflow and become hindrance instead.

If you are interested in an open concept kitchen along with living room, going with this type of layout would probably be the best choice.

Sample floor plan for Island Kitchen

(Photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels)

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