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NÜHAUS Brunei (Kitchen Series)

Have you ever seen some of our best showpiece kitchen yet? In this special video series we are going to show you a couple of modern kitchen designs that have been produced by NÜHAUS Brunei.

From the Contemporary modern kitchen layouts, stylized with minimalism and sleek clean lines giving these kitchens an elegant look and open spaces. Along with smooth surface flat panel cabinets without any handles displaying neat and how it need only little maintenance. Cleaning will definitely take a few minutes only, efficiency. Take a moment to look at the Peanut Cabinet, such a brilliant choice of Storage Solutions to not waste space; maximizing the usage of “dead zone” corner or the pull-out drawers, make tiding stuffs much more organize.

It might come to your attention and think modern kitchen styles are lacking in decorations but those are replaced with the glamorous marble textures, rich granite or materials that are combined such as natural timber, carved woods and stones. Further, enhanced with artificial lights and other functional accessories added with multiple patterns, colours and correct kitchen ergonomics bestowing the whole kitchen its own unique bold personality defining the homeowner individuality.

Here in this video, we are maximizing the functionality of the design with our finest crafted raw materials such as Aluminium Cabinets, assembled with scrupulous attention to detail and EDL compact panels, design led and quality tailored made to suit the vision of the client.


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