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This unique design - comprising aluminium main post uprights combined with open shelves or hanging rails - creates an “open structure” that will suit any linear, L-Shape or U-Shape wardrobe composition. The design can be configured with or without back paneling, providing flexibility to meet a variety of budget requirements. Main post is available with anodized or powder coated finish for surface appearance.


The bedroom is where you go to rest and relax so keep this sanctuary neat and tidy with our bedroom storage solutions. Sleek, beautiful and comforting while functional, our bedroom storage solutions are resistant to moisture, rot and rust, making them beautiful, durable and long-lasting.


Walk-in closets spell luxury and we take this one step further by incorporating a modular design, allowing you to conceptualise and build the space any way you want it. Take control of your space with a combination of aluminum posts, drawers, shelves and panels.

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